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Alpha Pet Zone

Our pure, hydrating, organic coconut oil for dogs is an excellent repair and relief for dry skin. It is an intense moisturizing treatment for a silky smooth coat. All natural, chemical-free, anti-bacterial that adds vital nutrients with a soothing tropical scent.

All Natural

All natural and most effective for your pet’s sensitive coat. Unlike some alternatives, this is chemical-free which makes it ideal for pets prone to allergies and itching problems.

Shiny Healthy Coat & Fur

AlphaPetZone coconut oil acts as a hydrating moisturizer that leaves your pet with a healthy sheen. Even after a bath, a rub down with coconut oil leaves a lasting natural scent.

Organic To The Rescue

Apply regularly on dry, itchy and sore spots for your pet babies. See amazing results compared to ointments that may do more harm than good.